Call of Cthulhu: Skullhouse

February 2, 2016 recap

In brief:

Using the improvised spellbook that George Gray left for his brother Harold, Sarah is able to learn the Voorish Sign and cast a spell of protection against mind control effects. She has to do a ritual with Gray’s spherical metal cage, then carry the cage with her. Anyone without about 10’ is protected. Using the Voorish sign enhances the protection so that it lasts an entire day.

Some vigilantes are recruited to join the cause and the group returns to Red Rock Hill, where they are ambushed by Harold Gray’s United Services thugs. One of the cops is badly injured, and Dr. Marsh takes a bullet that gives him a major wound.

At the old quarry site, Marsh drops a precautionary stick of dynamite down the chute, then all descend about 30’ by ladder. On the way down, everyone hears Drood’s voice trying to influence them, but the magic charm holds. At the bottom, they are almost immediately confronted by Drood, who now looks like Mr. Fire-Eyes. He summons another of the creatures that attacked at the hotel. Lots of lucky gun play distracts Drood a bit and puts down the beast. Drood flees down a side passage, and the investigators follow after destroying his summoning circle.

Down some stairs they find a huge cavern, with familiar round portals on the walls, and another portal that shimmers and distracts. Drood starts making casting gestures, and swarms of rats come into view behind him. Dr. Marsh throws dynamite and Drood collapses in the conflagration, easily finished off with an up-close shotgun blast. His form dissolves into black goo. Hector Gonzalez comes running out of the darkness, under attack by swarming rats. Dr. Marsh finishes him off as well.

The center of the cavern features a huge triskelion, etched with silver tracings that were pergaps becoming more complete as Drood sucked power from his victims. The investigatots damage this symbol and the one active portal, take whatever books and other materials they can find, then dynamite the place for good measure.


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