Call of Cthulhu: Skullhouse

September 26 - October 19, 1921

Missing Child in Visitacion Valley

Events following a few weeks after the Investigators’ confrontation with Drood lead them to join the hunt for a missing girl in Visitacion Valley.

Investigators Involved

Alex Hasley
Sarah McIntosh
Sophie Leroux
Thomas Holub

Little Angelina Rossi was last seen near this Southern Pacific Tunnel by her friends Danny Morton and Rosa Monotti


Sept 26[?]: Father Miles LeClerq questions Investigators regarding the death of Father Kolvenbach.

Sept. 28: Memorial Service for Joseph P. Linehan, the city employee killed in the gunfight on Red Rock Hill.

Oct. 11: Vigilantes contact Investigators to warn that Harold Gray has left town, his whereabouts unknown.


Oct. 16: 11-year-old Angelina Rossi fails to return to her Visitacion Valley home after going out for groceries in the neighborhood. She was last seen by her young friends Danny Morton and Rosa Monotti.

Oct. 17: Investigators see an Examiner article, “Missing Child in Visitacion Valley.” The coincidence of this possible abduction with Gray’s disappearance and the approach of October 31 are not lost on the Investigators.

Unbeknownst to Investigators, Reverend Ambrose A. Armstrong, who leads the nearby traveling tent revival and takes evening walks near the SP tunnel, goes missing himself the evening of the 17th.


Oct. 18: Investigators join the search for Angelina Rossi, interviewing the girl’s mother and a few other people from the neighborhood.

Geological engineer Alex Hasley notes that the embankment across the tracks is actually an old Ohlone shellmound, part of which has been removed to make way for the Southern Pacific spur.

On top of the mound, Alex spots three small piles of out-of-place stones marking the corners of a triangle. Each pile conceals a small chunk of gold. In the center of the imagined triangle, Sarah notes that the grass is somewhat depressed, as if a spherical object rested there recently.

Snooping around in Armstrong’s trailer near the revival turns up some surprising boudoir photographs of men concealed at the bottom of a locked trunk. Were the Reverend’s evening strolls in pursuit of taboo companionship?

Clint and Bingo, a pair of hobos at the North end of the railroad tunnel, say a man in what could have been Armstrong’s attire walked out of the tunnel in the predawn hours, accompanied by what one of the ’bos thought was an unleashed dog.

A consultation with Professor Woodrow Dilman at the Anthropology Museum reveals that the removed portion of the shellmound contained some sort of chamber, and that artifacts from disparate regions were found buried in the midden.

Meanwhile, the Reverend’s wife Sylvia Armstrong has brought in private dick Frankie Molop to find her husband discretely. Wayne Nolan has taken charge of the revival in the Reverend’s absence.

The anthropology museum


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