"Panic Grips Visitacion Valley - Another Child Missing"

7 Mar. 1922

Another little girl has vanished in Visitacion Valley.

Little Mindy Jones disappeared from behind her family’s house in the evening last night. The child, seven years old, had been sent out to return the family chickens to their coop, just before sunset, and the alarm was raised within the half hour.

The Jones house is somewhat isolated along the road to the Johnson and Brown Dairy and it was at least another half hour before police and local volunteers arrived in force to search.

Residents recall the tragic loss of Angelina Rossi, whose horribly mutilated body was found days after her disappear- ance in mid-October of last year. Because of the previous awful events, Captain Morgan of Southern Station has immediately called in the same deputy from Half-Moon-Bay whose tracker dogs finally discovered the remains of little Angelina.

It may be recalled that, while foul play was strongly suspected, the death of Angelina Rossi was finally attributed to an accident while playing on the railroad tracks. What has never been clearly established is how the body was found after several days in a location which had been searched repeatedly.

"Panic Grips Visitacion Valley - Another Child Missing"

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