Angelina Rossi Investigation

The Angelina Rossi Investigation occupied the Investigators during the middle of October 1921. It began with the disappearance of a little girl in Visitacion Valley, followed by Ambrose A. Armstrong, the preacher from a nearby traveling revival, going missing as well.

Angelina Rossi’s eviscerated body was discovered four days after she vanished, somehow concealed in plain sight by an occult arrangement of smooth stones and gold nuggets.

The Investigators followed Armstrong’s trail on a circuitous route north through hobo camps, where he turned around at an unknown location and headed back to his flock. They intercepted him just as he returned to the site of his disappearance and found him much changed. In delirium, he had stitched a crude totem into the flesh of his inner elbow, and was convinced this act of self-mutilation represented a pact with a being known as Ithaqua, who had instructed him to make a pilgrimage and prepare a holy sight for that creature’s return. On his journey, Armstrong was accompanied by what might have been a small dog, though he described it as a little servant of Ithaqua.

Dr. Howard Marsh had Armstrong briefly committed for his own protection, but he was later released and returned to the revival. Shortly thereafter he was struck by a train and killed in the Southern Pacific tunnel leading in the direction of his previous peregrination.

The exact details of Angelina Rossi’s death, and the nature of “Ithaqua’s little servant” are still cloaked in mystery.

Angelina Rossi Investigation

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