"Decadent Artists Found Dead in Sunset Drug Den"

Examiner 7 Sep. 1921

Newspaper article published following the events of Outsider Art.

Local “bohemian” artists, Wendell Schank and Jonathan Colbert were found dead, yesterday, in an isolated house in the city’s Sunset District. The area, until recently known as “The Outside Lands”, has been under development by young Henry Doelger.

Recent light rains have sped up removal of sand from the dune-clogged, and largely undeveloped, streets of the central Sunset District and one of the teams operating a steam “sand dredge” came upon a house in the center of the desolate sandy waste.

The house, on a lot sold by its owner to Mr. Colbert only months ago, occupies a lot on “P” Street and was found almost buried by drifting sand.

Alerted by a foul odor, the workmen entered the house and found, amidst considerable squalor, the corpses of the two young artists, surrounded by the tattered remnants of many paintings.

The Medical Examiner states that Mr. Colbert appears to have expired well over a month previously while his “companion” Mr. Schank continued to live and work till he died two or three weeks ago. The exact cause of death is uncertain but plentiful evidence of the careless habits of dope fiends abounds.

The house was empty of food and fouled by the appalling habits of the decadent pair. Broken and scattered vials and envelopes bearing oriental script plus a number of old opium pipes, found buried in the sand which had intruded into the house, attest to the drug use of the occupants.

"Decadent Artists Found Dead in Sunset Drug Den"

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