"Family Wiped Out By Freakish Mishaps"

San Francisco Call 5 Nov. 1912

A series of freak accidents have nearly wiped out the LeClerque family at 113 Flint Street.

Last night Mr. and Mrs. LeClerque died in what appears to have been a fall, down the cellar stairs onto a heap of gardening tools and lumber. As bizarre as it sounds, the incident is not being considered a result of foul play, according to Captain Reeves of the Homicide Squad.

At approximately the same time the three LeClerque children, none of them over nine years of age, plunged to the ground, apparently from the roof of the house. All of the children sustained grievous injuries but none of them can explain why they were on the roof in the middle of the night. Doctors at the City Hospital report that the children, are in as poor a state mentally as they are physically and that they will more than likely be sent to the State Asylum.

Earlier in the year a visiting relative suffered a midnight fall from an upstairs window, possibly as a result of sleepwalking. We have been unable to contact this survivor of an earlier incident.

The LeClerques are said by neighbors to have been a perfectly ordinary family, having dwelt in the house on Flint Street almost without incident since 1908.

"Family Wiped Out By Freakish Mishaps"

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