"Good Neighbor- Bad Neighbor"

7 Sept. 1885

This week two very different San Francisco property owners have demonstrated their attitude towards the community in which they both live.

Adolph Sutro, “King of the Comstock” and noted local philanthropist, has opened his magnificent garden estate near Lands End to the public. The new park, open to all for a nominal fee, is destined to be a jewel in the crown of our great city.

Meanwhile, squatting atop Red Rock Hill, overlooking the corner of Market and Castro Streets, a different sort of man altogether, Charles Aaron Drood has repeatedly threatened any who trespass on his squalid estate.

The act of selling parcels of his land along 16th street and along the other edges of the hill in the last decade has brought neighbors perilously close to the house of this infamous man. Even with the recent sale of the bulk of his hill to the proprietors of the Gray Bros Brick works .

Mister Drood has continued to be a nuisance with his erection of fences, deployment of armed guards and unmarked wells or pits which are apparently intended as man-traps.

Mister Drood has long been known to those living nearby as solitary man with a short temper and a taste for wicked or cruel jests. He has, in fact, been brought to court twice in the last decade for injuries wrought upon the persons of his most unfortunate neighbors for the act of walking upon his lands, which still make up most of the lower eastern portion of the hill upon which his decaying house broods.

"Good Neighbor- Bad Neighbor"

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