"Joseph P Linehan Dead at Age 44"

Tragic Automotive Mishap

Examiner 26 Sept. 1921

On Sunday afternoon one of San Francisco’s finest civil servants died in a tragic accident.

Joseph P. Linehan, whose dedication and perspicacity were responsible for the demolition of a dangerous structure on Red Rock Hill earlier in the day, was killed when his car ran off the road on Skyline Boulevard in Daly City.

Mister Linehan’s car suffered a flat tire on a curve and plunged to destruction far below. The accident was witnessed by Leland Court, secretary to Mayor Rolph, who was driving the same stretch of road. Mr. Court states that the car was being driven at a reasonable speed and that the accident appeared to be completely unforeseeable and unavoidable.

Joseph Linehan is survived by a wife, Heloise, and two children, Joseph Jr., 7, and Amanda 9.

"Joseph P Linehan Dead at Age 44"

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