"Madness in Clarendon Heights"

An article by Manion James, from The Old Drood House Investigation

Family of Five Insane

Neighbors were roused yesterday morning, for the second time in as many weeks, by insane screaming from the house at 113 Flint Street. The voices of Vittorrio Macario and his wife Gabriella could be heard a block away, shrieking at the top of their lungs.

Police Sergeant Colin Murphy was the first policeman to arrive at the scene. Sergeant Murphy reports “The woman was gibbering incoherently. Babbling about burning eyes and then going off in Italian… Spirito! Diavolo!… It was awful. The little boys had been sent out of the house and were with a neighbor, terrified half out of their minds.”

Murphy continues “We searched the house and found only signs of hasty packing… And everywhere there were crucifixes and images of the Virgin Mary. The room of the children was a shambles with the most awful crayon drawings scattered all over the floor. It was like a mad house.”

There is a history of such occurrences at this address.

The Hull family first rented the house in 1902 after the demise of its longtime owner Charles Drood. It was in 1905 that the Hull family, after a series of disturbances, fled the house in the middle of the night, never to be heard from again.

In the year following the Great Earthquake the Rock Hill Camp was erected around the house at 113 Flint Street but when the camp was disbanded and the house once again rented, tragedy struck again.

The LeClerque family was nearly wiped out by a series of seeming accidents in 1912, which culminated in the three children leaping from a window and suffering crippling injuries on the same night that their parents were killed in a bizarre tumble down the basement stairs onto a jumble of garden tools.

During the Panama Pacific International Exposition the house was rented to a series of short-term tenants, none of whom would abide long under it’s malign roof. The house was damaged and run down by 1916 when the last renter left, in haste.

The Property was purchased and restored in 1919 and the most recent horror ensued within a year.

"Madness in Clarendon Heights"

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