The Investigators currently have the following items in their possession:


Magical Artifacts

Assorted Items from Drood’s Sanctum

  • A large bell jar containing dead rats
  • A dozen small numbered jars containing what appears to be ordinary earth, a veritable spice rack of common and exotic herbs and spices, mostly in similar glass jars.
    Several bundles of small bones and half a mummified human foot (probably Egyptian – certainly partly ground up to provide “mummy dust” for some spell or other).
  • A “toolkit” containing small knives, files, chisels and hammers as well as tongs and a number of metal rods between six inches and a foot in length. There is also what may be a thousand dollars worth of fine platinum wire
  • One box (an ordinary wooden cigar box) contains pens, pencils and a number of bottles of variously colored ink.
  • An assortment of amulets: Ankhs, serpents, symbols of every sort in wood, bone, metal
  • A small ivory box of African workmanship with delicate carvings of elephants and trees (contains a mysterious white powder).
  • An ebony box about the size of a cigar box with intricate abstract carvings (Malasia?) – contains a quantity of dried vegetable matter or fungus.
  • A Chinese porcelain urn of considerable antiquity and great beauty – but rather chipped and discolored – half full of some sort of leaves.
  • A small pottery container in the shape of a crouching toad (Meso-American?); very ancient – contains a gravely grey substance.


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