"Shootout at Lake Merced"

Two Men Dead

Examiner 26 Sept. 1921


Late Sunday afternoon police officers found two men dead beside an automobile along the coastal road near Lake Merced. A shootout had occurred with each man having fired several shots from weapons which were found, still in their hands. The time of the shooting is uncertain as firing by police officers at the nearby coastal shooting range probably covered the sound.

According to Detective Walter Gregory, who was among the officers who discovered the bodies, one of the dead is a local man named Jake Luzinsky, until recently employed by the United Service Detective Agency. The other man is unknown to local police but is identified by papers in his possession as Clarence Dobbs of San Jose.

The automobile, belonging to Mr. Dobbs, was found to be carrying 144 bottles of bootleg liquor and an illicit business deal gone wrong is believed to be the cause of the killings.

"Shootout at Lake Merced"

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